Baseus Ovlaživač Aroma Difuzer DHMY-B02, Bijeli

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Product Parameter
Weight 0.2 kg
Capacity 1L
Humidification Method Mist Discharge
Noise 36db
Voltage (V) 5V
Power (W) 6W
Water-shortage Power-off Protection Yes
Function Negative Ion
Power Type USB
Application 10㎡
Humidity Control Piano Type
Classification Humidification
Shape Commercial Square
Mist Outlet Quantity Onea
Operation Method Keyboard Type
Installation USB

Product Feature
Every humid day Makes life pleasant
380ml big capacity 12-hour humidifying Smart outage
Every humidified corner makes moisture constantly
Meeting the needs of all scenarios anywhere anytime and beautifying everywhere
If you have oily skin and acne due to facing a computer for a long time or your skin becomes dry and peels in air-conditioned environment, the slim humidifier can let moisture absorbed by skin and moisturize you while at work
Colorful atmosphere lights make romance spread
Decorate the life and add color to our mood
Two types of spray you can change it at will
Interval humidify, humidify continuously at night makes your skin keep moist
Intelligent interrupt avoids operating without water
Intelligent interrupt circuit makes it safe and effective
Constant humidify self-closing in 6 hours
Interval humidify self-closing in 12 hours
Water-proof sealing ring Prevents leakage during accidental tumbling and supplies moisture without wetting the desk
Built-in USB expansion port
Creative 3-in-l design, highlights the creativity of life with free combination
A cure for busy life with dainty beauty
Small fan cooling air supply & the LED lighting

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