Baseus Ovlaživač Aromaterapy DHSG-0G, Ambilight, Antracit

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Product Parameter:
Material: PC+ABS+Hardware
Weight: 200g
Power input: DC 5V/1,2A
Rated power: 6W
Water tank capacity: 75mL MAX
Spray amount: 20-35mL/h

Product Feature:
Aroma Diffuser
Humidifier with Higher Grade
High-quality aluminum alloy complemented with electroplating process, improving interior decoration with higher grade
Remove Odor, Enjoy Quality Air with Fragrance
Available for adding aromatherapy/skin care essential oil enjoy refreshing air with fragrance from now
Large Spray Design
Built-in strong turbo-fan offering strong air supply with large spray
High Frequency Oscillation Skin-Friendly Spray
By adopting the principle of high-frequency sound wave atomization, the liquid water molecules are broken into micron water mist, thus moisturizing
your skin without condensation
Combating against Virus Refined Spray for Effective Humidification
Disinfectant can be added for continuous spray disinfection, saving consumption and providing larger disinfection area
Noise-less Humidification Silent Moisturizing
Professional noise reduction design noise-less mist spray
Size of A Cup for Convenient Placing into the Cup Holder
Delicate and space-saving, it can be easily placed into the car cup holder
Designed with Gradient Ambient Light
The three-color ambient light soothes your mood and lights you up with colorful beams
Without water and any liquid, add your favourite water, desinfectant and scented oil

Humidifier, Cable, Manual
Attention: Product without liquid and Battery

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